Saturday, February 12, 2011

Review: Benefit "Confessions Of A Concealaholic"

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I was super excited about this product mainly because of its extremely cute packaging and also because I get attracted to concealer products easily. I'm very particular about doing my best to hide my very dark circles so I'm always on the look out for potential HG concealers but sadly, I did not find it in this kit.

Instruction booklet included in the kit

I love how Benefit designs and packages their products. They just look so pretty and appealing! The kit opens up like a diary; how cute is that? However, the first thing I thought of when I saw this kit was how tiny it is! I seriously wasn't expecting it to be so tiny. It's about as big as a standard eye lash curler.

Confessions of a Concealaholic kit beside a lash curler for size comparison

The kit includes:
  • "That Gal" (A brightening face primer)
  • Erase Paste (Brightening camouflage for eyes and face)
  • 2 shades of Boi-ing (Industrial strength concealer)
  • Eye bright (Instant eye brightener)
  • Lemon aid (Color correcting eyelid primer)
  • 2 double-ended brushes
"That Gal"
Brightening face primer
There really wasn't anything memorable about this product, except that it had a pleasant strawberry scent. Also, unlike most primers, this one isn't clear, but pink. It didn't feel like a primer either since it felt more like a lotion on my skin. It claims to be a primer that "brightens" the face. I didn't notice any differences as far as brightening goes, and it did not help with oil control or make my makeup last longer either. I didn't find anything bad about this product but I didn't find anything good about it either. It was just an unnecessary step to my routine.

Erase Paste
Brightening camouflage for eyes and face
This is the concealer Benefit provided in the kit for the undereyes. The only reason I was able to use this concealer all up is because I spent time tediously mixing it with two other concealers with much lighter shades. The shade provided was way too dark for my skin. I wanted to use this product so bad since I've read really good things about it, so I had to improvise. I can't really give an accurate review of this product since I'm pretty sure mixing it up with other concealers changed its original formula. I am pretty disappointed though that there aren't other shades to choose from and that you are only given with one.

Industrial strength concealer
According to the instruction booklet, these concealers are meant for acne, discolorations, etc. It was just my luck that the first shade, Boi-ing 01 (the lighter one on top) was too light for me, and the second, Boi-ing 02 (the darker one) was too dark for me. I was able to test out Boi-ing 01 on my undereyes and not only was the shade completely wrong for me, but I didn't like its consistency either. The instructions also say to blend the two shades together to create your own custom shade but that's just WAY too much work and time for me. 
Another important thing to point out is that even though I'm a fan of their packaging, I feel like the quality of some of the products had to pay since I've noticed that the products have actually dried up over time. I probably could've worked more with Boi-ing 02 since working with a darker shade is much better than trying to make a lighter one work for you, but these two concealers are so hard to blend now!

Eye Bright (Top)
Instant eye brightener
Lemon Aid (Bottom)
Color correcting eyelid primer
The full size Eye Bright is actually a brightening pencil so I guess that's the reason why the formula's pretty hard to blend even when I first opened the kit. The booklet says to apply it on the inner and outer corners of the eyes and I think you can even apply it on your brow bone. It's not a bad product, but I'm not in love with it and can do without it. 

I quite like Lemon Aid, on the other hand. It helps with discoloration on the eyelids while at the same time, brightening it as well. I haven't used it as an eyeshadow primer, but I love using it on my lids since it really helps with brightening up my eyes. It's gotten rather hard to blend though (again with the packaging).

These brushes are T-I-N-Y!!!! It's crazy how tiny they are, and I'm actually known to have really small hands. I found them extremely useless for applying concealer on the undereyes because of the tiny brush size. They could probably be useful for spot concealing, but I wouldn't know since I've never had any major acne problems.

Over all, I really love Benefit cosmetics, but you're better off buying the full-sized products in this kit if you're really sure about it. This kit was meant for people to try out different kinds of products, but if you end up not liking the products, it's a big loss since the kit isn't that cheap. Now I don't know what to do with what's left in my kit.

Verdict: Not worth buying. 


  1. I tried using this in store for my black under eye circle, didn't work out instead I was surprise the Revlon age defying concealer worked for me, didn't accentuate the dark circle

  2. Hi Chantzy! I've yet to try that Revlon one, though I've been hearing lots about it lately. :) I guess it's a hit or miss with these Benefit concealers, some people actually really love it.