Friday, February 4, 2011

I don't own a bronzer!

Seriously! As amazing as bronzers are, that's probably the only product I don't have in my makeup collection right now. I know it can do WONDERS with contouring (I'm particularly interested in making my face appear thinner), but it was never a must-have on my list. 

I know a really popular bronzer would be Benefit's Hoola.
Benefit Hoola

I've always wanted to try Hoola but I never got around to purchasing it because I always wanted (and still do want) other products more. I think another reason is because I'm a bit turned off by how much more time contouring would add up to my routine.

How about you guys? Do you use bronzer regularly? What makeup product don't you have in your collection yet?


  1. I dont own bronzer cause i have no idea how to use it

  2. There are always videos to learn from. Almost everything I know, I learned from Youtube. :)