Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Review: Carmex Lip Balms

I'm one of those girls who just can't do without lip balm, even for a single day, and can I just say how glad I am that we finally have Carmex here in the Philippines? 

I'm quite particular about taking care of my lips since they're generally dry, and using Vaseline Pure Petroleum Jelly every morning and night used to be enough, until it just wasn't anymore. I guess my lips got immune to the formula that they weren't getting enough moisture from just petroleum jelly anymore. So, I started to invest on good quality lip balms, but a lot of them can get really expensive especially if you need to use them on a daily basis. So can I just say AGAIN how glad I am that we have Carmex here?? 

Carmex Squeeze Tube Lip Balm in Original
I've been using this squeeze tube every night before I sleep and I've never woken up to dry or chapped lips ever since. Some people don't like how this lip balm smells, but it actually doesn't bother me at all. This original scent reminds me of those Vicks VapoRub ointments, but Carmex smells more pleasant to me. Applying this lip balm gives you that cool minty tingly feeling on your lips for a little while, but the sensation isn't overly intense (I've tried other balms that were just too horribly minty). Another reason why I love Carmex is not just because of its moisturizing properties but because it's REALLY affordable too! It doesn't feel too thick or greasy on the lips either and that's a big plus for me. 

Carmex Click Stick Lip Balm with SPF 15 in Strawberry
I tend to use this lip balm more when I'm outside the house since it's much faster to apply compared to the squeeze tube. I especially love that it's included with such a high SPF; in fact it's the highest I've seen in a lip balm, so it's always a must to bring this with me specially when I go to the beach. It's just so convenient because you're really sure that not only are your lips moisturized but they're also protected from the sun's rays. You also get the same tingly effect on your lips once you apply on the balm, and the strawberry scent is quite pleasant too! I initially wanted to buy the Cherry flavored one, but Landmark Trinoma was all out. It's all good though since the strawberry flavor didn't disappoint. 

So there you have it! Just wanted to post a quick review of these Carmex lip balms. I'm DEFINITELY going to repurchase once I've used them all up because you just can't beat the price AND quality
BTW, I haven't tested these lip balms out yet during winter weather so I can't say for sure how'd they fair, but if I get to, I'll definitely include that here. 
Thanks for reading!


  1. The only Carmex I've tried is the Strawberry one in the tube & I HATE it!

  2. Haven't tried that one yet but I'll be sure to avoid that. Thanks Vintage Makeup! :)